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About EdTech Leaders Online

Organizations with educational and training missions such as state departments of education, school districts, libraries, museums, colleges, nonprofits, and foundations are working hard to leverage innovative technology to meet the needs of students and adult learners.

EdTech Leaders Online's online content development services are tailored to the specific learning needs of children and adults. We can help transform your existing educational content or design new content and effective delivery systems for online and blended models.

Multimedia Elements

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  • timeline

    Timeline of Outbreaks, Epidemics, Pandemics

    This interactive timeline we created for the Exploring Infectious Diseases site shows the occurrence of a sample of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics over human history. Information is provided on the agents of diseases and the ecological, social, cultural, and biological factors involved in their spread.

  • timeline

    Art History Matching

    In the Art Appreciation and American Identity course, students will use this activity to check their understanding of a given unit. The goal is to match each thumbnail representing a piece of artwork with the correct description. In addition to providing a quick walkthrough of the interactive, this video also provides a glimpse into our design process.

  • timeline

    REL-NEI Sequencing

    This sequencing exercise, which occurs in the REL-NEI Online Professional Development Center, is one of a number of self-assessments we have built into their three Online Workshops. Here, the participant tries putting the steps of a process in order and is given feedback based on how close the sequence is to the correct order of steps.

From Our Clients

  • EDC was able to quickly understand our educational philosophy and create a unique online learning experience that fulfilled all of our objectives including student centered learning. In addition, they created a learning environment that was aesthetically beautiful and intuitive. We could not have chosen a better partner!

    Anne Kraybill, Director of Education and Research in Learning

    Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

  • CAPCSD and its members have been impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the team at EDC. They are expert in combining instructional design principles with the appropriate technologies. We consider them a key partner in the success of our project.

    Carol Cardinale Dudding, Associate Professor

    Council of Academic Programs in CSD (CAPCSD)

  • Working with EDC to transform our face-to-face Reading Academy was one of my most rewarding professional collaborations. I dreaded the thought of turning an enormous amount of content into engaging, thoughtful and effective online learning. But EDC did all that. Amazing!

    Linda Diamond, CEO

    CORE, Inc.


Kirsten Peterson

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