Online Course Design Program

"I like how this course has video, readings, surveys, and Elluminate sessions - something for everyone. This is the first online course I have taken to include so many choices. It allows the participant to join in where interest is high and contribute in many different ways."

~Diane Coggins
Arlington Public Schools, VA

This program includes:

  • Online Course Design Training:
    Online Course Design is a ten-week online course that focuses on online instructional design and provides guidance and support as participants design online courses for teachers, administrators or other educational staff. This course provides support for participants who are creating online courses based on face-to-face materials or new content. The course includes online readings, web-based activities, facilitated online discussions, experience using development tools in the course management system, and extensive feedback on participants’ course development. Follow up course assessment and feedback is also available after the completion of the Online Course Design Training and during and after the course implementation period.
  • Delivery of Online Courses:
    After completing the training course, participants are eligible to deliver the online courses they designed, with ongoing support from ETLO staff. ETLO provides technical support and web hosting if needed, or courses can be exported to a compatible course management system.
  • Professional Development Planning:
    Throughout the ETLO program, ETLO staff provide consultation to support successful incorporation of online courses into a local organization’s ongoing professional development program. ETLO provides guidance in addressing issues such as recruiting participants, providing incentives CEUs or graduate credit, course scheduling and/or program management and evaluation.
  • Ongoing Support and Forum:
    Direct support and consultation is provided by ETLO staff throughout the course delivery process. ETLO staff are also available for follow-up course design feedback. In addition, ETLO offers a national online support Forum for course graduates to discuss and share strategies, challenges, and resources with other trained course designers and ETLO staff.