Connections Academy Selects ETLO for Online Professional Development
posted 11/11/15

Georgia Connections Academy selected ETLO to provide online professional development for their online facilitators and administrators in ETLO's Advanced Online Teaching Skills and Techniques and Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development courses.

One of the participants, an administrator with Georgia Connections Academy, shared, "As a virtual school, we need our PD to meet our teachers where they are and this platform is an excellent way to do this! I am really excited to offer even more professional learning to our teachers, counselors, and staff through ETLO."

For enrollment information for upcoming cohorts of ETLO's award-winning training courses, please contact Lesley Reilly.

Screenshot of Newsletter What's New with ETLO?
posted 11/11/15

November 2015 marks our 16th year of collaborating with organizations with educational missions to meet their online and blended learning needs! Read our latest newsletter to learn about our latest collaborations, custom development projects and upcoming events.

CAPCSD Logo ETLO's New Partnership with CAPCSD
posted 11/11/15

ETLO is partnering with the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) to create online professional development offerings for their membership. The online self-paced modules, focused on clinical education, will assist programs in promoting best practices in clinical supervision, thereby supporting quality clinical education of graduate students in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

ETLO Developing Self-Paced Online Courses with TEC
posted 11/11/15

A recent collaboration between ETLO and The Education Cooperative (TEC) in Massachusetts resulted in the development of two self-paced online courses for teachers to satisfy the minimum 15 PDPs in two different areas according to the Massachusetts License Renewal Requirements for a Professional License.


One course is focused on implementing differentiated instruction and universal design for learning (UDL) and the second course helps teachers to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to instruct English language learners (ELLs) and to understand the Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) approach to teaching academic content in English to ELLs.


To see an overview of the course, you can view this Orientation Video. Use the password, “Welcome”. For course enrollment information, please contact TEC.

Screenshot from Art Appreciation and American Identity Course Bringing Arts Education to All Students
posted 10/31/15

ETLO is very proud to be part of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art's mission to bring arts education to ALL students!

ETLO is developing two courses for high school students in partnership with Crystal Bridges: 

  • Art Appreciation and American Identity 
  • Art+Process: Creating a Body of Work

Let us know if you or your organization is interested in offering one of these facilitated, learning-community model online courses to your students. Teacher training is available as well!

Learn more about Cyrstal Bridges and our partnership in the articles below: 

How One of America’s Top Art Collectors, Alice Walton, Plans to Change the Art World | Up Close: Distance Learning & Art Museums | Museums and Online Learning: A Student’s Perspective
Distance Learning Summit ETLO and EDC Playing Key Role in Crystal Bridges Distance Learning Summit
posted 10/29/15

On November 1-3, five senior ETLO and EDC instructional designers—Kirsten Peterson, Ilene Kantrov, Kristen Bjork, Erin Earnst, and Stacie Cassat Green—will present and co-lead multi-disciplinary working sessions during the 2nd Annual Distance Learning Summit at Crystal Bridges. Hosted by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and sponsored by Windgate Charitable Foundation and Northern Trust, the focus of the Summit is "Art Museums & Educational Innovation.”

Learn more about ETLO's work with Crystal Bridges and the Distance Learning Summit.

ETLO Collaborates with CORE on Innovative Online Elementary Reading Academy
posted 10/29/15

The ETLO instructional design and technical teams collaborated with the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) to design and develop an innovative online course based on CORE’s popular face-to-face Elementary Reading Academy. This seven-session course is designed for individuals or teams of educators who want to learn effective standards-aligned and research-based reading practices for all learners and includes custom-developed interactive activities and engaging videos.

The ETLO team also produced a promotional video for CORE to announce the new Online Elementary Reading Academy course and developed a custom Moodle login page for CORE. CORE also partnered with ETLO on a research initiative to measure the success of the pilot phase of the course. View the pilot course evaluation HERE.

If your organization is interested in enrolling participants in CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy, which can be taken for graduate credit, visit the CORE Registration Page or contact CORE

Crystal Bridges Course Screenshot Course Developed by ETLO Team Wins Top Prize
posted 5/26/15

The American Alliance of Museums awarded the online course EdTech Leaders Online developed with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art the GOLD MUSE! Learn more about the MUSE award, this innovative course and our partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art here.

Screenshot from Course Crystal Bridges Museum Partners with ETLO on Innovative Online Courses for High School Students
posted 12/11/14

In a partnership with the unique Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO) is developing engaging free online courses and resources. One of the courses, "Museum Mash-Up," will challenge high school students to make their own meaning of art. Blending art and history exploration, the course will immerse students in thinking about what artists were going through at the time they created their work; examining the impact of identity, conflict, and environment on art; and connecting what they learn to their own life and world. Students will also learn about museum careers and, in a culminating project, curate a virtual exhibition.

Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 3 PM ET (Add to Calendar) where we'll take a closer look at these innovative courses and discuss the design process. Webinar presenters will be Anne Kraybill from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bruce Friend from Friend Consulting and Kirsten Peterson from EDC's ETLO. To join the webinar, please use the following link to enter the webinar room: Pre-regsitration is not required and the webinar will be recorded and posted on the ETLO Webinar series website:

Read more about ETLO's partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art here.

TERC Logo TERC and ETLO Discuss Converting Face-to-Face Activities to Online
posted 11/18/14

When looking to convert face-to-face professional development workshops to online courses, the education nonprofit TERC turned to the ETLO team for support and collaboration. During the development process, TERC and ETLO faced the challenge of converting the hands-on, interactive, and collaborative experiences from face-to-face professional development, to online courses. Challenges include balancing the "talk" with the "do" to maintain engagement, and attending to different learning styles.

Myriam Steinback and Cynthia Garland-Dore from TERC and Liz Farmer from ETLO recently shared their experience with this process during an interactive webinar. During the webinar, they shared ways to maximize collaboration among online participants and the importance of online courses being led by a trained facilitator. The webinar recording and resources are available on the ETLO Webinar Series website.


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