Sample Custom Multimedia

EdTech Leaders Online instructional designers and technical developers create custom interactives to address specific learning goals for students and educators. These interactives can be integrated into online courses or used as stand-alone learning objects. Below are examples of our work in a range of content areas.

  • This app is available for use by anyone designing classrooms for blended learning.
  • In Ecostat Explorer, students explore concepts in statistics while investigating the evolution of species around the world. This interactive is designed to be usedl in both math and science classrooms.
  • This app helps teachers in the YouthBuild program to build lesson plans for their students by providing helpful tips and resources.
  • This interactive helps students to visualize the earth's orbit around the sun in order to understand the science concepts behind seasonal changes.
  • This app helps students to understand the basic idea behind equality in algebra; what is done to one side of an equation must be done to the other to keep the it balanced. The interactive was built using GeoGebra, an open source visual math environment.
  • This interactive game helps students to understand the connections between a graph's behavior and real world event. Students learn to constructively connect the abstract algebra concepts to their own experience.
  • Built in GeoGebra, this interactive app helps students to explore the concept of a function. By providing both a table and a graph, students can use multiple modalities in determining whether the given relation is a function. The app also includes an animated vertical line test.
  • In this GeoGebra manipulative, students can adjust the graph of an exponential function by changing its base. Also, they can investigate the function's value at different x-values. The app shows the repeated multiplication that generates the function value as well.