Common Core State Standards

ETLO's Common Core State Standards (CCSS) courses in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) are available in facilitated and self-paced models and can be licensed for your organization. These courses provide teachers and administrators with the pedagogical understanding they need to prepare students to be college and career-ready through the CCSS.

Two-Course Series for Mathematics and for English Language Arts-Literacy

  • Mathematics Courses:

  • English Language Arts-Literacy Courses:

Each online course includes:

  • Six-online sessions with an additional orientation session (30-hours of content)
  • Online readings and resources
  • Interactive activities, media and online explorations
  • Focused online discussions (facilitated course)
  • Classroom/school based project
  • Opportunities for personalized feedback from an experienced online facilitator (facilitated course)
  • Content that can be hosted in ETLO’s Moodle or exported to local compatible CMSs
  • Opportunities for customization based on local goals and needs
  • Optional graduate credit for additional fee (facilitated course)


Please contact ETLO for pricing information for licensing our Common Core online courses.


ETLO’s CCSS online courses focus on content, pedagogy and assessment, providing teachers with the flexible, engaging opportunities they need to implement the CCSS in their classrooms. ETLO courses are project and classroom based and challenge participants to understand how teaching, learning and assessment shift when aligned to the CCSS. Teachers will be able to explore new strategies and try them out in their classrooms. The project-based approach enables participants to create their classroom lessons aligned to the CCSS and implement these lessons in their classrooms. Facilitated courses are developed in a learning community model, where teachers can participate in reflective discussions about content and implementation of the CCSS with other educators and a trained facilitator.